News : 2010 : December

A Cancer-Free Diagnosis

Dr. Armando Guia a 33-year old international physician from Venezuela was referred to Dr. Gustavo Fernandez-Castro at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center for a second opinion regarding treatment options for metastatic sarcoma to the lungs. Dr. Guia has a history of aggressive bone cancer involving the right lower extremity for which he had chemotherapy and limb-sparing surgical resection and radiation, but he was found to have metastatic nodules in both lungs and a metastatic tumor in the right atrium.

Fernandez-Castro requested that the patient see Dr. Dao Nguyen, chief thoracic surgical oncologist, for further imaging studies including a cardiac MRI.
Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Marco Ricci, chief of pediatric cardiac surgery, removed both the heart tumor and all of the lung tumors. Under cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia (a brief period where the heart was temporarily stopped for twenty minutes), the tumor in the right atrium was totally resected and the defect in the wall of the right atrium was repaired with the patient’s own pericardial tissue. After coming off cardiopulmonary bypass, more than 20 metastatic nodules were removed from both lungs. By the end of the operation, all visible tumors were completely removed rendering the patient cancer-free. The patient recovered very well and was discharged four days after the operation.

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